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    Are you more intelligent than the average person?

    Finally get proof of how intelligent you are! Answer 30 Questions within 30 minutes to Discover Your IQ Score. On completion of the test you’ll gain instant access to your IQ score and your own unique PDF Certificate and Performance Report.

Tests for determining the intelligence of human beings have been around for centuries. However, It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the IQ test (short for intelligence quotient) became a household term.

An IQ test entails a series of standardized tests that measure your cognitive abilities and intellectual potential. The majority of the population falls between the scores of 85 to 115. Individuals with an IQ over 115 are considered to have superior intelligence. For the past 100 years, various psychologists and IQ experts have taken a stab at creating IQ tests for the public, and today the market is flooded with all types of IQ tests.

Assess your intelligence with the user-friendly and trustworthy BrainIQ Test, and save your time hunting down which IQ test to take!


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I enjoyed the test, and was pleasantly surprised at my results.

Claire Johnson

OK so I’ve always been nervous about taking the dreaded IQ test, but it was actually great fun and not as daunting as I imagined. Plus it is done privately which is great. Thanks

Jane Hall

Quick and easy to get IQ score. Really enjoyed it actually. 🙂

Frederick Jones

What is ‘The BrainIQ Test’?

The accurate user friendly Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test. Designed by the BrainIQ expert team, specifically created to measure intelligence in an online environment.

Intelligence is the ability to learn effectively, think rationally, understand complex ideas, and adapt to the environment. IQ (the intelligence quotient) is the quantification of an individual’s intelligence relative to their peers. Completing the IQ test and discovering your IQ score will determine where you position when comparing to the general population.

Our fun and accurate user friendly online IQ test comprises of 30 questions that are required to be answered within a 30 minute time limit. The certified test usually takes between 20 – 25 minutes. Each question, you simply need to choose the appropriate shape to answer each question.

BrainIQ certificate of your intelligence, a 17-page analytics report of your cognitive performance, and see where you compare to the rest of the population in intelligence.

Have you always been curious what your IQ is? Now’s the time to check. Start today and learn where you fall on the IQ scale.

What you get on completion:

On completion of the test, you’ll be presented with your IQ score, which is generated using our highly reliable BrainIQ scoring system.

You’ll also get your own personal BrainIQ Certificate and Performance Report (Downloadable, high quality PDF with BrainIQ watermark), as above:

Certified Test Benefit IQ score Evaluation – Your Final IQ Score

Certified Test Benefit Personal BrainIQ Certificate – Downloadable, high quality PDF in your name with BrainIQ watermark

Certified Test Benefit A 17-page Analytical Report of Your Cognitive PerformanceDownloadable, high quality PDF

Certified Test Benefit(Optional) Share your result with your friends and family, by sharing your certificate on social media.

Certified Test Benefit Discover How You Compare Includes graph showing where you position in the general population of your age group

Certified Test Benefit Learn More About Yourself An extensive breakdown of your cognitive performance provided


Instant Access to Your IQ Score, High Quality PDF Certificate, 17-page Performance Report & Option to Share on Facebook only $19.99

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